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If you think that diet is boring, monotonous and too difficult, you must have never tried to be on a color diet. This kind of diet is based on a psycho-emotional color perception. The color diet menu is made according to the healthy eating rules and your taste preferences.

You can eat raw, boiled or steamed food as well as braised one. Moreover, you should take the drinks of the certain color too. Color diet followers propose diet menu plan that helps not only to lose weight, but also to become healthier:

Mondaywhite food: rice, egg white, milk, cottage cheese, cauliflower, white meat, etc. You can drink white tea or non-carbonated water. White color is believed to bring an energy and evacuate lungs and large intestine. In fact, it helps to cope with a depression.

Tuesdayred food: tomato, beetroot, red berries, red meat, paprika and water, tomato juice or Hibiscus. They believe that red color food promotes blood circulation and weight loss. In addition, it contains antioxidants that fortify the immune system.

Wednesdaygreen food: lettuce, spinach, sorrel, broccoli and also Brussels sprouts, squash, apple, cucumber and kiwi…You should drink water or green tea. That kind of food evacuates our body and normalizes hormonal balance. In fact, it also helps to relax.

Thursdayorange food: carrots and squash, peaches and apricots, orange peppers and tomatoes, mangoes and persimmons, oranges…Scientists claim that orange food improves a mood and fortifies the immune system. In spite of giving an appetite, it promotes weight loss.

Fridaypurple food: eggplant, blue grape, plum, black currant, purple basil, blackberries, “black” tomatoes etc. Drink water or juice. It promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

Saturday yellow food: corn, yellow peppers, pears, honey, egg yolk, cheese, mustard and also water and yellow tea. Yellow color food promotes brain activity and gives an energy. Moreover, it improves a work of the digestive system, liver and spleen.

Sunday –   colorless diet. Drink only water.

Before getting on color diet, ask a nutritionist for advice. There are contraindications for people who have chronic problems with liver and kidneys, with the gastrointestinal tract and also for allergics.

If you are tired of boring and monotonous diets, color one is a good option for you. Just turn on your imagination and make your diet colorful and  bright!

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