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Slashing and high calorie healthy breakfast is an essential part of your nutrition. In fact, a full breakfast is a guarantee of your health, good feeling and a productive day. Here are a few options for your healthy breakfast according to nutritionists:

Porridge. According to the nutritionists, porridge is the best breakfast. It is rich in cellulose, vitamins, plant proteins and slow carbohydrates. It means that our stomach digests porridge slowly and it causes a feeling of satiety. All kinds of porridge are useful except of corn flakes.

Cheese. Cheese with fruits and berries is a good alternative of porridge. It is one of the most useful dairy producers. It contains a milk protein casein, which substitutes animal proteins as well as methionine and tryptophan that normalize a work of the digestive tract.

Bananas. It is a perfect fruit for breakfast. It contains tryptophan that produces serotonin, known as feel-good chemical. Be sure that it provides good mood for the whole day. An important constituent of banana is potassium, that is why doctor’s advice eating bananas to people who tend to mental work. Moreover, the fruit eliminates toxins, boosts immune system, and reduces cholesterol level.

Eggs. Containing protein, eggs for breakfast give a feeling of fullness. British nutritionists say that its constituents – phospholipids, lecithin and vitamins block a harm of cholesterol – the other egg component. Egg breakfast is both fast and satiety.

Sandwich. It is not a mistake. Sandwich also can be useful, if you take whole grain crisp bread and lettuce, tomato and cheese instead of sausage and mayonnaise. You will be full and satisfied until dinner.

Healthy breakfast tips:

  1. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach. Caffeine promotes gastric juice secretion and if you don’t eat before, it will affect your belly. In that case, coffee causes gastritis, heartburn and even ulcers.
  2. Nutritionists advise to drink warm lemon water before your breakfast. It promotes metabolism, digestion and gastric secretion.
  3. Do not take vegetables for breakfast. They are easily absorbed so you will be hungry very soon. If you want to have a vegetable salad anyway, just add cheese or egg to your meal. In fact, vegetables are a perfect option for a dinner.

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