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Nowadays people are always on the move. Hurrying up we cannot even find some time to eat never mind to cook something tasty and useful. That is why fast food and take-away restaurants, offering tasty and satisfying meals for an affordable price, help us very often. Do you really think about junk food harm when you hold a tasty burger in your hand? In fact, you have to do that.

Your favourite junk food causes:

  • Extra weight and obesity;
  • Gallstones;
  • Premature aging;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Increased cholesterol;
  • Increased blood sugar level;
  • Hypertension;
  • Liver and pancreas diseases;
  • Dental caries;
  • Memory impairment;
  • Ulcer and gastritis;
  • Cancer risk.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Actually, that list is much longer and it is not strange that no nutritionist strongly advise to take junk food. Firstly, it is enormously fat and high-caloric option. Secondly, it does not contain any vitamins or nutrients. Next, it tastes better because of food additives rather than quality food. Moreover, nutritional supplements and food flavors force you to eat more than you need. In fact, take-away restaurants rarely use high quality food for cooking.

According to Australian scientists, fast food addiction is equal to drug one. Obesity has already become a national problem in the United States. About 40% of Americans suffer from extra weight and most of them are children. Scientists claim that about 2,5 billion people will suffer from obesity till 2025.

To reduce junk food harm:

  • Take some food and drink before visiting a fast food restaurant, never do that on an empty stomach!
  • Do not order big portions;
  • If you have already overeaten, do not eat for the rest of a day, you can also take just some fruits or lemon tea.                 

However, the best way is to refuse from fast food at all. If you cannot imagine your life without burgers or hot dogs, prepare it at home! Just use more vegetables, less sauces and soy meat. Of course, it requires a time and affords but it really saves your health! Remember, that quality food is never cheap.

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