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Summer is about sunny days, heat, relaxing time and… having a delicious cool refreshing beverage that will give a pleasant feeling to your whole body. It seems to be the time when the shop counters simply break from a large number of soft drinks, and more and more people prefer to cook lemonade at home. Do you want to know how to quench your thirst fast and cheaply, and most importantly useful for your health? Then provide yourself with patience and nature gifts! Because we have prepared for you a few original, easy to make and inexpensive lemonade recipes. When there is a free minute, be sure to cook one of these useful drinks for yourself and your loved ones. So, let`s start!

Ginger Lemonade

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  • water — 2 l
  • lemons — 1,5
  • sugar — 200 g
  • fresh ginger root — 100 g
  • cloves — 3
  • fresh mint — 50 g

First of all, preheat water to a temperature of about 60 ° C and squeeze lemon juice. Secondly, mix the strained lemon juice with warm water,  and add sugar, cloves, finely chopped or grated ginger root, as well as crushed mint leaves. Let the beverage infuse to absorb the aromas of spices, and then strain it. Finally, cool the ready lemonade and serve it.

Cucumber Lemonade

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  • cucumbers — 400 g
  • lemons — 2
  • water— 1,5 l +1 glass for syrup
  • sugar — 1 glass
  • mint — 30 g

It is certainly true that cucumber lemonade has a very refreshing taste (if you like carbonated lemonade, replace plain water by mineral one). Make a syrup by taking 1 glass of water and sugar. To do this you`ll need to mix the water and sugar, to bring it to a boil and to cook for 2-3 minutes. Then leave it to cool. Squeeze lemon juice and strain it. Crush the cucumbers and mint with a blender or grate it. After this, add finely chopped and grinded mint leaves. Squeeze the juice from the cucumber mixture through a gauze, folded in 2-3 layers. Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice, and sugar syrup. After all, dilute the concentrated drink with a plain or mineral water. Mix it. And done!

Limoncello Raspberry Lemonade

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  • fresh raspberry — 170 g or 1 glass
  • lemon — 1
  • water — 1 l
  • sugar — 100 g
  • limoncello — 75 ml

You have 15 minutes to prepare this lemonade. Firstly, prepare a syrup. To do this, boil 200 ml of water in a small saucepan, then add sugar and boil for about 5 minutes. Secondly, add the raspberry to the hot syrup and grind it. Then, filter the mixture to remove the pits (you can use a sieve or gauze) and cool it to a room temperature. Squeeze juice from lemon and add to the raspberry syrup. After all, pour 800 ml of water, as well as limoncello. If desired, limoncello can be also replaced with another lemon liqueur. For a serving, you may use lemon slices and whole raspberry berries strung on delicate skewers. By the way, do not forget to add ice and mint sprigs in the glasses.

As a result, no “chemicals” and no harmful substances, only benefits, freshness and incredible taste! Enjoy!

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