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Our holidays are usually followed by giant meals and overeating. There are plenty of tasty dishes and, of course, you want to try everything. In fact, a great feast very often causes intoxication, eating disorder, dehydration; it affects a work of heart, liver, kidney as well as the stomach, intestine and pancreas. Moreover, do not be surprised if you will get extra pounds! So how to recover your body after overeating? It is not easy, but it is possible!

After the feast, you should greatly change your menu plan. Take fasting days, but not more than two days a week. You can have apple, buckwheat, yogurt, soup, cheese, or dried fruits fasting day. It helps to recover and lose up to 3 pounds.

Then, you have to drink a lot of water. It eliminates toxins, promotes metabolism and prevents a feeling of a hanger. It is better to drink lemon water in the morning.  Avoid drinking alcohol, soda, strong black tea, coffee; instead, you can drink dried fruit beverages, juice and green tea.

In addition, stop eating roast, smoked, spicy food and sweets. Include in your menu plan fresh vegetables, light soups, porridge, cereals, nuts and dairy produce.

Next, follow your dietary regime. You should always have a breakfast. Eat often, but take small portions. Do not eat late at night. Do not get on a diet or start going without food, because after a great feast it will cause even more harm to your health then overeating.


You should also change your daily schedule. Go to a bad earlier then during the holidays. It is very important to sleep enough. Avoid any stress, relax and devote some time to yourself. It will be good to try sweat bath or massage. Spend more time outdoors; walk about one hour a day. You should go in for sport. It will be a little difficult after a break, so start at least from morning exercises.

Take care about yourself. Remember, that feast is good, but to look and feel healthy is much better!



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