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A start going to the gym is an important step for your health and attractiveness. However, if you ignore right sport nutrition, regular trainings will harm rather than help. Working out requires balanced nutrition, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In fact, fats and carbohydrates are an essential source of energy, it is very important not to exclude it. Moreover, eating only protein food affects our body. That means that appropriate nutrition accelerates desired results.

The main proteins source is turkey, chicken, egg white, milk, bean, nuts and also white fish. Carbohydrate useful food is oat, rice, corn, refined flour bakery, potato and fruits. Useful fat food is beef, lamb, cheese as well as milk, vegetable oil.

Working out you should remember:

Follow the advice of your trainer or nutritionist. They know well what you need as your organism has its particularities and your friend’s diet may not be good for you.

Do not refuse from food. Physical training takes a lot of energy, so your body needs nutrients. Starving causes general body exhaustion. Be sure: a training followed with starving does not bring desired results.

Split meals. You have to eat 5-6 times a day, but take small portions. It is very important not to overeat, so do not take extra meal. Always have a full breakfast, but do not eat a lot at night.

Take fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are also a source of energy. They must take 20% of your nutrition.

Take meal before and after training. Always eat before and after working out. The last meal must not be later than an hour and a half before a start of training and the next one can be even in an hour after its ending.

Water. Drink a lot of non-carbonized water before, during and after training. However, you have to refuse from soda. Homemade orange juice is a very good option.

Refuse from: Of course, the list of food that includes our favorite bakery, fast food, bread, pasta, sweets, roast food, alcohol and sauces.

Keep your fit and always be healthy!

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