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One of the most important healthy eating rules is to eat only if you are hungry. No diet and no physical training will help you if you always overeat and ignore these rules. However, have you ever noticed that you feel hunger every time when you think about your favorite biscuit or feel a smell of so tasty French fries? The main reason of overeating and extra weight as a result is that we cannot distinguish physical and psychological or emotional hunger. So, how to define emotional eating and stop it?

Emotional hunger is sudden. You did not think about food a few minutes ago, but now you suffer from feeling of hunger and it seems you can do nothing to stop it. Physical one is gradual. You feel unpleasant cramps, and then a stomach is growling. It causes sickness or even a headache.

EH causes a desire to get a certain kind of food: you cannot stop thinking about a piece of chocolate, spaghetti or pickles. When you feel PH you do not really care, any kind of food is good.

EH occurs in your head. You imagine a picture of that food in your brain, you feel its taste by your tongue and its smell by your nose. PH occurs in your stomach. It can be recognized by stomach pain.

EH can be caused be stress, negative emotions while PH is always caused by physical necessity. It occurs only when your exhausting body needs nutrients to recharge. One of the EH features is automatically eating. Sometimes you cannot even notice when you swallow a piece of cake when PH follows realization that you are eating.

EH does not stop even if your stomach is full while PH stops when you take a meal and your body gets enough nutrients.

To avoid emotional eating:

  • Always follow healthy eating rules.
  • Be sure that you sleep enough.
  • Find another way to cope with stress: read interesting books or watch motivating movies.
  • Spend a lot of time in the fresh air.
  • Take keeping your fit as a purpose and just follow it!

Refusing from food is a kind of challenge, so be strong enough and choose your motivation.

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