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Any woman needs to know that she looks beautiful and attracts the opposite sex. Therefore, they usually try to do as much as possible – from endless hours at a gym and long-term diets to taking hormone pills in order to make their appearance perfect. But is it possible not to get extra pounds if you don’t have a strong will to keep your fit? If you can’t get on a strict diet, try to refuse from some kinds of food.

Here is the list of the most subtile dietary enemies:

  1. Sodas. It affects our stomach and causes cellulite. Moreover, it contains high sugar level that is very harmful for pancreas as well as coloring agents and food additives, which affect our liver and kidney.                                    
  2. Alcohol. It is a group of high-caloric beverages. Alcohol is easily absorbed and is difficult to eliminate from a body. It affects liver, heart, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, etc. Not all alcohol is harmful, dry wine, for example, doesn’t affect our figure, and it is even useful in a small quantity.                                                                                        
  3. Baking. Bakery dough is a fusion of flour, yeast, and sugar, which cause overweight. Yeast for example causes fermentation in our intestine. So if you are a fan of buns and cakes it is a sort of challenge for you.                          
  4. Fried food. That is one of the most harmful dietary enemies. In fact, your favorite French fries or crispy grilled chicken is full of fat and calories. Forget about fast food produce. As a rule, roasting always follows a forming of different carcinogens that poisons our bodies, and can even cause cancer.                                                      
  5. Mayonnaise. It has huge caloric value, and has no useful constituent; in return, it contains emulsifiers, carcinogens, amplifiers of taste, food additive. As a result, you can get atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, adiposity, metabolism problems and of course overweight. If you can’t imagine your feast without salad dressing, change mayonnaise into homemade one or into sour cream.                                                                                  
  6. Salt food. It retains water in our body, promotes toxin accumulation and increases blood pressure. It has been well said that salt is a “white death”.                                                                                                                                             

Nutritionists believe that refusing from that kind of food improves not only your figure and promotes weight lost, but it is also good for your health in general.

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