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Many people can’t even imagine their day without a cup of coffee. In fact, it helps to wake up and feel cheerly. Coffee promotes an increasing of mental and physical activity. But is it harmful to our health? Find out about popular coffee myths.


Coffee myth №1: it affects a heart.

Scientists suggest that both coffee lovers and those who don’t like drinking coffee have an equal chance to get a heart attack or to die from heart deceases. According to Norwegian research, elderly women drinking coffee about 3 times a day have less chances to die from cardiovascular disease that the women of the same age.

Coffee myth № 2: coffee causes hypertension.

In fact, coffee increases blood pressure just for a short time. If you already suffer from hypertension and increased blood pressure, do not provoke a crisis state and avoid taking coffee. However, as scientists claim, regular drinking of coffee doesn’t cause hypertension.

Coffee myth № 3: caffeine is harmful.

In fact, that is not true. Caffeine is a healthy stimulant. Doctors say that it is essential for our health. Without caffeine people suffer from a headache, irritability and sleepiness. Caffeine containing in coffee promotes a brain activity. It also promotes a  blood supply. Regular coffee taking decreases a risk of gallstones occurrence, prevents crystallization of cholesterol and also increases the flow of bile and fat digestion rate.

Caffeine effect depends on a type of higher nervous activity. For some people, caffeine is quickly eliminated from the body, for some – vica versa. That means that some people are able to sleep without problems within an hour after drinking a cup of coffee, while the others can drink coffee only in the morning, as they can’t sleep at night because of caffeine.

In fact, coffee is even useful! A cup of coffee contains 20% of the daily rate of vitamin P, that is essential for blood vessels. Moreover, it contains more antioxidants that fruits and vegetables do.


Large-scale studies in recent years show that drinking coffee decreases a risk of many deceases occurrences. Furthermore, Finish scientists have discovered that three or four cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of the second type of diabetes by 30%. Doctors have also revealed that coffee taking prevents asthma and allergy attacks, promotes a work of work of intestine and prevents potassium elimination. In addition, coffee is a good antidepressant. In fact, coffee is a good reason to meet and talk with the friends.

Enjoy drinking coffee.

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