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If you have ever been tired of junk food from takeaway restaurants or have ever had malaise or stomach pain during your traveling that could probably be a reason of unpleasant memories about your trip. So going on a journey, you should think not only about packing your documents and some medicines, but also about traveling menu. As bus or backpacking trip is not usually comfortable, you have to pay attention to an expiry date of your food, its smell and outdoor temperature. Take care of a tourist breakfast. Your meal must be easy to eat and to keep.

Every trip is a kind of stress for our organism. So taking enough liquid is essential to revitalize and recover. You can take non-carbonated water, juice or tea.

Sandwiches are a good option for you. Including vegetables, meat or cheese, it is a quite nourishing snack. However, it is better to change sausage into boiled or baked meat, as it has a longer expiry date and replace tomato into cucumber, lettuce or sweet pepper. Wrap your sandwich in a foil or in a kitchen film.

You can also take fruits and vegetables on your trip. Instead of mellow fruits or berries, pack apples or pears, celery or carrot. If you want to take the fruits of vegetable salad, do not add any dressing during preparing. You should do it just before eating.

Having a bite on a journey always is a good thing. So, such trip snack as dry fruits, nuts, cereal bars or hard cheese are not only tasty, but also very useful food. If you can get boiled water, take instant mush.  Drinking yoghurt is acceptable only in the first hours of your travelling, as it spoils fast.

What about dessert? If you are really sweet tooth, you can take cinnamon buns, small muffins, oat cookies, marmalade or marshmallow and chocolate if the weather is not hot. Refuse from cheese bakery just for a few days.

Do not forget about disposable tableware, dry and wet napkins and small garbage bags not leave litter after yourself.

Make your trip pleasant not only for your brain, but also for your stomach!



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