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A brain is a “control center” of our body. It signals about weariness, pain as well as joy and happiness. Moreover, it is responsible for our memory and sleep. In fact, not only our emotions, but also our well-being in general depends on a proper brain activity. It is a well-known fact, that some kind of food boosts a brainpower. Find out about useful brain food!


It boosts long-term memory. That is why we are able to memorize more information as usual due to this fruit. Do not forget to take it during your exam preparation.


Oats promote bloodstream and brain activity. Moreover, it contains a great vitamins B quantity.


It promotes information perception. Besides, it protects our body from heart diseases, stress, depression and fortifies the immune system. In fact, it contains potassium, Natrium, magnesium and calcium. Adding avocado to your sandwich or salad, you will definitely improve your working capacity.


It is contained in walnut, flax, beniseed, coconut, corn, etc. Furthermore, vegetable oil includes an eicosanoic acids that boost brain activity, memory and bring energy.


In fact, eggplant skin pigment maintains necessary fat quantity of brain cell membrane, protecting it.


It contains betaine, that improves memory and an ability to concentrate.


It contains potassium, an essential element for the proper work of the nervous system and brain activity. It also helps to concentrate and boosts information perception.


Dried fruits improve memory, increase work capacity and also decrease pressure. Moreover, it is full of vitamin C and Ferrum. In addition, it promotes an analytical thinking.

To make your brain function well do not overeat, always have a breakfast; make your nutrition variable and observe proper diet. Be smart and healthy!

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