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Many people have tried different types of diet, but still are not satisfied with the results. In fact, it is easier to lose your weight if you eat clean. Moreover, some kinds of food can promote digestion and accelerate the process of weight loss. You will be surprised when you see some products in the list of weight loss food!


Water is an important constituent of every diet. It helps to excrete toxins and salt from our body as well as protects it from dehydration and prevents overeating and feeling of hunger.

Oatmeal is good for our stomach and intestine. It is a source of soluble fiber. Oatmeal brings an energy and a feeling of fullness.

Grapefruit. It contains vitamin C, pectin, calcium and also potassium. It regulates bowel activity and helps to excrete liquid from the body. Grapefruit also improves attention, memory, appetite and even mood!

Cinnamon. It decreases sugar content in our blood – that is why it is good for diabetics. Cinnamon is a preventive from diarrhea and constipation. Promoting metabolism, it is a good way to lose weight.


Ginger. It contains vitamins of group B as well as vitamin A, C and also calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.  Ginger promotes a work of the digestive tract. It is good for treatment and prevention of acute respiratory diseases. Ginger decreases pain and has an antiemetic action. Ginger beverages help to get rid of extra pounds.


Green tea stops a feeling of hunger. It excretes toxins, promotes metabolism and has an analeptic effect. Therefore, it also helps to lose your weight. Moreover, it improves eyesight, mental activity and releases from stress.

Almond. However, all nuts are caloric, almond really helps to thin down! It prevents from overeating and aids to get rid of a fat in the stomach area.

Cucumber is low-caloric vegetable that contains a lot of water. It is also useful especially for those, who work out. Cucumber promotes digestion and helps to absorb challenging food.  In fact, it evacuates our body and it is good for weight lost.

Mustard. It promotes gastric juice secretion, hastens blood circulation, and excretes toxins. A teaspoon of mustard helps to treat from constipation. It also promotes metabolism.

Papaya. It is a low-caloric fruit. Papaya promotes digestion and lipids splitting. Moreover, it contains vitamin A, C, B, calcium, magnesium, ferrum and phosphorus. It helps to not only lose extra kilograms, but also get rid of cellulitis.


So, take it easy! Just eat and lose your weight! It is a quite pleasant way, isn’t it?



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