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Couscous is a crushed wheat, which has gained popularity among chefs and nutritionists all around the world. In this article you will find information about the benefits of this unusual product and many good reasons to cook it for your family.

Its benefits for the body

Wheat couscous is referred to healthy food products. Vitamin B5 (1.24 mg per 100 g) is the main reason of such popularity. It makes you feel cheerful, full of vital energy and strength. Also, this vitamin prevents premature aging, cures depression, insomnia  and chronic fatigue. B5 is able to stop the appearance of wrinkles, makes your nails beautiful and maintains a healthy skin color. It also helps to heal wounds and fight inflammation.

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The dish consists of potassium, iron, copper, phosphorus and food fibers which contribute to the digestive tract, improve metabolism, and optimize the work of all organs and systems. Those who are often sick should also eat couscous. No vitamin and mineral complexes don`t have effect on immunity, only this helpful cereal does. Complex carbohydrates, which make up 70% of the couscous, give a sense of satiety. And it helps to satisfy hunger for a long time. Despite this amount of carbohydrates, couscous has an average glycemic index, and therefore does not increase blood sugar. Even people with diabetes may eat it. Just 376 cal per 100 grams of dry couscous will not allow you to gain excessive weight.

But special attention should be paid to copper in the dish. Its 100 grams of cereals contain 247 micrograms, and this is a daily norm for an adult. Copper promotes active hematopoiesis, optimizes the work of the respiratory and nervous systems. Copper also is good for producing of endorphins, which are responsible for good mood and have pain reliefs for our body. Collagen and elastin, which are also synthesized with the participation of copper, maintain the skin tone and prevent hair loss and early absorption.


Wheat couscous are believed to be allergic to gluten. In this case, it should be replaced with rice or corn couscous, which, however, are not so popular.

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